Milan Limbu, who was born (11 March) in Mangsebung Rural Municipality (Ibhang village development committee) of Ilam district of eastern Nepal, started his career in journalism in 2005 from Jhapa district. Starting his career in print media, Limbu has been working as a television journalist for the last 10 years. He began his journey of television journalism since 2008 working for Makalu Television stationed at Itahari of Sunsary district in eastern Nepal. He worked as a program presenter and news anchor for about two years at Makalu television. After gaining some screen experiences from Makalu television, he moved to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. In fact, there is always a tussle between the Medias in Kathmandu and outside on maturity and efficiency. The Medias in the capital city undermine the existence and performance of other media houses outside Kathmandu. This conflict pushed Milan Limbu to Kathmandu, the centre of everything including Medias.

Early days in Kathmandu, Limbu had to struggle a lot in journalism. He gave a new start to his journalism career from zero level in Kathmandu and his hard work paid off. He joined ABC television as program presenter and news anchor. He was established as a hardworking journalist in Kathmandu in a short period of time. His innovative style on television reporting helped Limbu establish as a television journalist in investigative journalism on social issues. Limbu says “The issues directly related to public interest drive him for reporting.”

The program “Inclusive Issue” (samabeshi sawal) also played a significant role in establishing Limbu in television journalism in a short period of time. In the context, the issues of indigenous nationalities were not getting space in national media’s, he started the program “Inclusive Issue” six years ago, was an innovative effort and initiation in the history of television broadcasting in Nepal. The program holds exclusive deliberations on the issues of indigenous nationalities and it is being broadcast till the date. In fact, this program received overwhelming attention as only one television program for 40% population of indigenous nationalities on their issues in Nepal, which established Limbu as a popular TV journalist among the public of indigenous nationalities. His different style in TV reporting had drawn attention of all TV viewers, the very style made him popular among the intellectual viewers from the indigenous community, as well. Through the weekly program “Inclusive Issue”, he has so far interviewed more than 300 activists actively working for the voice and rights of the indigenous nationalities.

There are a very few television presenter or news anchor of Mongolian race working on television screens of Nepal. In the crown of such presenters and news anchors from Khas-Arya race, Milan Limbu, a presenter and news anchor with flat nose and chinky eyes is rare to be seen on television screen in Nepal. Hence, Limbu has become a new look and for many a face of curiosity on television screen. Unlike the general understanding that the people from indigenous community cannot pronounce Nepali accurately, Limbu masters the skill and levels up himself to the fellow presenters and news anchors from Khas-Arya community. In addition, the viewers love Limbu’s commanding voice quality in news Anchoring.

In the context that the national Medias have not given required priority to the serious issues of indigenous nationalities, Limbu claims the issues of indigenous nationalities have been institutionally established in Nepali media through the program “Inclusive Issue”. “But, this isn’t enough,” he asserts. He further argues, “All media in Nepal ought to provide space for the serious issues of indigenous nationalities.”

General Secretary Limbu Journalist Association
Secretary Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists (FONIJ)
Central Committee Member Press Organization Nepal
Member Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) 
Chief executive officer Numafung Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.

2014 Indigenous Voices of Asia (IVA) Award-2014
2018 FoNIJ UK Award–2018

Work Experience in Media (15 Years) :
Reporter Janabidroha Daily
Reporter Ganatantra FM
Reporter & Anchor Makalu Television
Executive Editor Limbuwan Bidroha Monthly
Executive Editor The Gurkhas Weekly
News Editor & Anchor BC Television (7 Years)
News Editor & Anchor News24 Television (1 Years)